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EcoBioBalls for your next event

From yachts, jetties, party boats, resorts, beach clubs or private homes, we provide EcoBioBalls for eager golfers, or just your average punter, to play the unique ocean fairways throughout Asia and Australia. The balls are made with fish food in their core and marine life can start feasting after just 48 hours of entering the water. By 28 days they completely biodegrade and all that is left are some very happy fish.



Safety & Accreditations


From greens to blues

'Ocean Golf added a layer to our day club we never thought we would see - beers and balls just work so well'

John Parker, GM, Omnia Day Club

'We absolutely love the product and it added an amazing twist to the 9th hole at this year's annual Yak Magazine Annual Golf Tournament - the fish in the lake have never been happier'

Nigel, MD, The Yak Magazine

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