Our Golf Balls are 100% Biodegradable and contain Fish Food in the core. Within 48 hours of the balls hitting the water, the marine life can start feasting on the food. After 28 days the balls biodegrade, and nothing is left apart from some incredibly happy fish.

Our unique product now has customers in more than 50 countries such as the Seychelles, UAE, Maldives, Ireland, Norway, Vietnam, and the United States. We aim to expand that presence across south east Asia, building on these positive and memorable experiences.

We believe that golf, and life, should be about freedom, fun, sport, sustainability, and lots of unique experiences. It is not about dress codes and rules. Our dream is to give thousands of people the chance to blast onto the widest, kindest fairways all over Asia while feeding fish.

We lead with commitment to quality and consistency across all aspects of our work, with a passion for the environment, and for transforming that passion into exciting and fun experiences for resorts, yachts, clubs..

Taylor Ward, Director

“Ocean Golf Asia added a layer to our day club we never thought we would see – who would’ve thought beers and balls would work so well”

‘John Parker, GM, Omnia Day Club Bali’

“We absolutely love the product and it added an amazing twist on the 9th hole at this years annual Yak Magazine Golf Tournament – the fish in the lake have never been happier”

‘Nigel, MD, The Yak Magazine’

"What an awesome product! Our mission as a resort is to be responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly with everything we offer our guests so using OGA was a no brainer. Everyone loves feeding the fish and turtles!”

‘Joel Bartlett, Resort Manager, Six Senses Uluwatu’